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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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49ers “To Inquire Seriously” Regarding Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers In 2023

Was Tom Brady’s visit in San Francisco on Sunday simply an event to prepare for the season or an indication of his next destination?

The 45-year-old Brady whose Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit the 49ers in Week 14 will be once more the main focus during the NFL offseason, on several fronts. Are he ready to retire and pay attention to his private life, which has been impacted this year due to his extremely open divorce from his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen?

Are there any plans to keep him playing? Brady is expected to become an independent player after the season, and won’t be licensed to Tampa Bay. If Brady decides to return would that be in the Buccaneers or another team?

In the event that Tom Brady goes elsewhere, expect the 49ers to be interested. Two general managers stated this week that they expect the 49ers to make serious inquiries about Brady as well as Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers depending on whether one or both of these quarterbacks decide to go elsewhere.

“The Brady scenario is easy, he’s free,” one GM stated. “Rodgers is more prone to moving pieces, because you aren’t sure what Zen you’d like him to be. He could say he’s looking to get to get out. I can also think of the Packers going for Jordan Love if they can find out how to deal with the cap issue.

“But everybody knows the 49ers need a quarterback to win now.”

This week, a New England reporter speculated that the Patriots could try to bring Brady back. Brady.

“I don’t think he has any idea what he wants to do other than focus on what is here and now,” said someone close to Brady. “That’s all he has been doing for the past five months and I don’t know what his state of mind is going to be when he finally takes a breath.”

The only thing someone close to Brady has said in any official belief is that Brady wouldn’t return to New England with the Patriots. He estimated the likelihood at “1,000 percent” that Brady will not come back the Patriots to New England. It wasn’t due to personal feelings towards anyone within the organization, but rather the feeling that there’s no way that the Patriots could replicate what they did.

The 49ers The team that Tom Brady grew up rooting for as a youngster growing up in San Mateo, and Tampa Bay are division leaders that appear in the finals. But the 49ers are clearly experiencing a change as a quarterback.

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It’s not only that they’re down to newcomer Brock Purdy as the starter. Injured starting Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to be released as an unrestricted free agent. Trey Lance, who is also absent for the season because of broken legs was the number. 3 overall selection in 2021. However, he hasn’t yet been consistent with the NFL and hasn’t played an entire season since his freshman year in the college.

In addition, many people within and outside the organization think they believe that there is a possibility that the 49ers have a short shelf time for a number of crucial players like defensive player George Kittle and wide receiver Deebo Samuel. This is on top of the increasing list of injuries to defensive lineman Nick Bosa.

“That roster has been really great for four years,” the second GM stated. “If it turns out that they don’t make it up to just 1 Super Bowl with that group that will haunt (coach) Kyle (Shanahan) and (owner) Jed (York). They’ll be searching to find a quarterback in the offseason. This is how I see it.”

Although Brady has been trying to keep the positive person he is in public however, his breakup with Bundchen caused a mental as well as physical burden. He shed 27 pounds prior to the start of the season including photos where the actor looked a bit ungainly. When he was not with the team during training camp, as people and media played games of guessing his location but the truth was more straightforward than any one could have imagined.

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