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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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50 Cent Reacts To Proposed Child Support Bill: “FUCK THIS”

While 50 Cent has a penchant for using Instagram to troll his fellow celebrities or call on outstanding debts alongside promoting his many business ventures, he also utilizes it to share his opinion on issues he feels strongly about.

It’s customary for 50 Cent to offer judgment on events in the US, and his most recent opinion is no exception. The G-Unit leader took to Instagram on Monday (July 18), following the Republican Party’s announcement of a law requiring fathers to provide child support for children who are still in the womb.

Taking the news seriously, He didn’t waste any time in expressing his thoughts on the proposed legislation. Mr. Curtis Jackson claims that he does not support any of the GOP’s proposed policies.

“Ok [fuck] this I quit,” he wrote in his Instagram caption while sharing a screenshot of a Daily Mail article.
He is a father of two boys, 24-year-old Marquise, with whom he has a strained relationship, and nine-year-old child Sire Jackson, who he shares with actress and model Daphne Joy.
The proposed bill would allow women to request child support at conception and even collect retroactive payments if the paternity was not established at birth. Several Republicans in Senate support the bill, including Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Marsha Blackburn, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Roger Wicker, James Lankford, Jim Inhofe, and Steve Daines.

Pro-choice supporters have dragged Republicans for not offering mothers and their children enough help, especially after Roe vs. Wade was historically overturned by the Supreme Court in June.

Some others think the measure has a hidden agenda. Since it could make it simpler for the government to approve federal abortion restrictions. By establishing that a person’s legal personhood begins at conception.

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