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Friday, December 9, 2022
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50 Cent: Reclaiming the Sports and TV Industry, and Now Teach Kids How to hustle

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has been working with major sports franchises continuously through the Sire Spirits company’s Branson Cognac, Le Chemin du Roi Champagne as well as his charity named his G-Unity Foundation, where he’s teaching children the art and science behind hustle.

The Indiana Pacers announced the collaboration that Jackson’s G-Unity Foundation charity and Sire Spirits brand in October. “There could become a team for soccer in the near future,” Jackson said, laughing.

I too laughed however I didn’t doubt the concept as well. I had a conversation with Jackson through Zoom and later at an event on the WeTV and the ‘allblk’ show Hip Hop Homicides, where the network premiered an episode based on Late Magnolia Shorty.

We talked about the show as well as his other productions Green Light Gang, his worldwide tour, his recent partnerships with sports, and the work that his foundation is doing. It’s his charity which is that of the G-Unity Foundation, that bares particular attention because it is linked to his various collaborations in sports.

It’s connected to all the things he’s currently doing in the real world. With the number of Jackson’s obligations, I inquired why it was an important issue.

The motive behind his marketing spirit is clear and his well-respected actions in the media are as well. However, charity is an act of selfless service when it is done correctly.

In addition, it requires patience, time and focus. It’s more convenient to go the Bezos way and leave the money to others to give away. I inquired with Jackson about the reason he is giving back.

“This is a legacy,” Jackson said. “I’ve had children who were in perfect attendance at the program but have days when they weren’t feeling well enough to attend school, yet they made them to after-school programs.”

“There’s something to gain from just attending. In the rare event that they’re not there or put it as a priority item on the list of things they’d like to accomplish,” he said. It’s practical, too. According to Jackson’s words the program’s roots lie in their “passion in the present.”

It’s about transforming students’ concepts into concrete and getting it to work for them right now.

Jackson rewards students for showing up, has invited top bankers to observe and explain the lending process. He’s even committed to his pupils’ top ideas.

The students of his school also cheer him on. What could they do to not? They have a teacher named 50 Cent and their teacher is busy. For instance, Jackson received a philanthropic award last week, and a number of students from the program were present at the event.

“It’s thrilling for me. It’s not like they’re my real children however they are my children.”

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