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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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50 Cents For Dr. Dre Didn’t Want 21 Asking Questions’ About His Debut

50 Cent broke the boundaries of Hip Hop’s mainstream following the debut album Get Rich or Die However, one song that stood out was almost not able to get the chance to be included.

On a recent appearance, The Big Boys Neighborhood 50 proved his belief that Dr. Dre was not convinced that the Nate Dogg-led “21 Questions” was a suitable fit for the famed 2003 album, but the G-Unit boss’s instincts suggested that it was not the case.

“He said, ‘I don’t know why you want?’ Why I wanted the record,” he said. “I’m thinking, ‘Why do I have to do these Push-ups?’ Dre would say this is N.W.A… “We did not perform that.’

“Like they didn’t need to do anything to make commercial records or any other thing that sounded like commercial recordings. It’s in his DNA. Just like on his way, He’s like, “We do not need this. ‘”

The song was written by “Dirty Swift,” the romantic love song would prove the 50’s intuition right “21 Questions” became his second Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single as it was a top chart hit for four weeks before remaining at the top of the Hot 100 for 23 weeks.

Dre did not seem to know how a love track could fit in with 50 Cent’s gangster image however 50 was always looking to have the duality of his music and its commercial appeal.

“Dre was, like, ‘How you going to be gangster this and that and then put this sappy love song on?’ ” 50 said in the year 2005. “But I told him, ‘I’m two persons. I’ve always needed to be two people from the time I was a youngster to survive. To me, that’s not diversity but it’s a the necessity. ‘”

Although “21 Questions” could be the most deadly track for a Verzuz fight, don’t expect to be seeing 50 Cent appearing in one any time in the near future According to Tony Yayo.

“I think 50’s on the level where he’ll never do a Verzuz, bro,” the G-Unit employee stated. “He’s uninterested in certain things such as this. I’m thinking Verzuz sold lots of records, and he makes lots, a lot of money. And I’m there’s nothing wrong with Verzuz, I simply think Verzuz isn’t interested in doing it, do you think?”

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