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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Ari Lennox Announces “Age/sex/location” Tour Following Grammys Snub

Ari Lennox has announced a tour in support of her latest album “Age/Sex/Location” Check out the complete schedule of dates below

The tour’s 27 cities will kick on the 26th of January at Las Vegas’ House of Blues and will include dates across Los Angeles, Oakland, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Boston, Toronto, Chicago and New York. The tour will conclude in her home city that is Washington, D.C. at the Howard Theatre on March 28.

Due to the interest, Lennox, who shared the announcement through her Instagram page, revealed additional show dates at Chicago as well as Washington D.C. We are adding another show in Chicago because Chicago Boy knows how much I love him. You know what, DMV? Another performance will be added to The Fillmore soon! Purchase your tickets, she said.

The announcement of the new tour comes following the fact that the singer’s age, gender, and location were not nominated for or Grammys during the awards ceremony in 2023 ceremony, which fans of the singer were furious about.

“Ari Lennox gets really overlooked annually at Grammys, and no one talks about it. her latest album is definitely the top three best album of the year.” posted one fan who was furious on Twitter.

Another comment added, “Hands down the greatest R&B track that was released in the year 2009 was Ari Lennox and Lucky Daye’s Boy Bye and no Grammy nomination? Lemme not even begin about this one.” Summer Walker snub …”

age, sex, and location arrived in September and, according to messages she wrote an email to J. Cole, the album was inspired by the difficulties she’s faced with men in the present day.

“Traditional space. Highly vulnerable and dependent with a need for validation park in my entire life.” Ari Lennox wrote in her lengthy response to Cole who asked her to clarify what the project means to her.

“I recall the many occasions I was kicked out of dating apps due to the fact that they didn’t believe I was truly me It brought back memories of the gender, age and location times when I wasn’t my own in these social spaces,” she said. “I spent too much time looking for goodness and godliness in violent people. What’s important to me is for me, and I’m in my own way. This is my”eat-pray romance journey.”

She followed the release by the release with a slow and intense appearance during the Tonight Show, performing an arrangement of “POF” as well as “Waste My Time,” both songs from the album.

The album’s release and the subsequent tour follow an incredibly turbulent time for the Dreamville singer-songwriter. Lennox left the management firm she was working for during March one month following when she complained about Dreamville in addition to Interscope. The frustrations grew to the boiling level when she sat to an uncomfortable chat on”MacG’s” Radio and Chill in which the host inquired who was “sexually satisfied” she had been able to satisfy her sexual desires.

She scribbled down interviews in the past, and later said to the Vibe magazine that she’s seen an immense amount of development as an individual. “I consider on the album, Shea Butter Baby I love many things in my the world,” Lennox said.” I’m sure I was extremely ignorant about the world of romantic relationships regarding myself, my life, career, etc I’m feeling like I’m now more aware and more mature,more] not having to put on a certain kind of shite that I don’t want to hear.

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