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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Billie Faiers’ Daughter Nelly, 8, Rushed To Hospital After ‘Rough 24 Hours’

Billie Faiers took to her Instagram page to post an image in black and white of her daughter, eight years old Nelly after she was forced to transport the girl to the hospital following a “rough 24 hours.

The actress Billie Faiers has revealed her oldest child Nelly was rushed to the hospital following a “rough twenty-four hours.

A former TOWIE star posted on the pages of her Instagram stories to share with her followers what transpired.

Nelly posted a black and white photo of Nelly dressed in pajamas with the Sling.

The 32-year-old mother wrote that her daughter broke her arm and called her brave.

Billie said: “It’s been a rough 24 hours…my poor little lady broke her arm yesterday. She has been so brave, lots of cuddles and rest.”

It’s unclear exactly the exact way Nelly injured her arm, or the length of time it will take to heal of the damage.

The photo, however, shows Nelly resting and recuperating of her injured arm.

The accident happened from the time the mother of Billie’s Suzie was admitted to the hospital after developing sepsis due to a water-related infection.

Billie and her sister Sam revealed that the 53-year-old began to feel sick last week, and then she began to deteriorate massively.

In the Sam & Billie Show, they mentioned: “Our mum wasn’t very well. The problem started last week. she was suffering from a water-related infection that got worse and worse, which ended in mum’s kidneys being affected.

“So we brought her to A+E, as she was deteriorating massively.

“She had antibiotics and it wasn’t working. I managed to speak to a doctor and told him all of her symptoms so he told me to take her to A+E because she needs medical attention. The water infection got so bad that it turned into sepsis.”

Their mother was feeling sick and was “feverish, weak, sick’ and was suffering from back pains and was in a state of delirium.

Sam explained: “As her daughters, we had to make the decision We couldn’t even have another night at home. She needed to go in.”

Suzie is back in the country and has been recovered to date.

The sisters detailed the procedure Suzie received: “Mum was in the hospital for about 15 hours in total and they flushed her system through. She’s on the mend which is really good.”

The family has received some positive news recently, as Billie disclosed that she was expecting her third child.



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