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Friday, December 9, 2022
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City Girls’ JT Clears Up Lil Uzi Vert Breakup Rumors

JT of the City Girls has stopped any rumors suggesting regarding her relationship with Lil Uzi Vert have issues with their relationship.

In a post on social networks, JT shared that she as well as Uzi remains an issue and that she’s not in the business of causing any negative comments.

“As as long as I’ve been around and Uzi have been in the public eye, it’s been fact and fiction in the realm of females,” she said. “Yall think he’s an cheater, so badly. Actually, he’s not. I was just mad about some petty thing.”

In the evening of the 22nd of November (November 22) On Tuesday (November 22), the Miami rapper shared a deleted tweet that read simply “SINGLE!” suggesting their relationship was ended, and sending fans into a frenzy of speculation about what transpired.

In the month of August JT would call Lil Uzi vert as a “dream fulfilled” and “one of my greatest joys” when she honored her “Neon guts” artist’s birthday.

“I I love you uzi” she wrote back then. “I’m crying as I write this blog post because you’re an amazing person! I’m convinced that with everything I’ve experienced in my life you’re among my most cherished benefits! Every day I wake up to either your frown or smile …either is fine for me so long as you’re there.”

“You are my most trusted friend My twin flame. You work hard and you deserve all the praise! I am in love with every aspect of the way you conduct yourself… starting with your character’s energy to your ability you to let me feel as if I’m the only one there! I watched you suffer through so many things and in those moments you never let my hand.”

“Well it’s in the process of mixing right now,” they said. “Because the last time I released the album it sold very well. It was my best-selling album, however it was experimental with mixing but not the actual song and this time I experimented with the music, and more traditional in mixing.”

“They simply try to discern the real thing and I let them hear that I’m stepping up on this album. You don’t hear anything but nothin ‘ [flame EmojiI’m sure of it,” Uzi tweeted at the time. “Trust me, I’ll return, they will always return.”

In the month of March, Uzi surprised their fans with the release of ” Just Wanna Rock,” the first official single from the pink Tape. Produced by Synthetic and MCVertt The Philly MC has all the auto-tuned, emo music the fans were hoping for.

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