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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Drake Co-signs Lucki’s New Album ‘Flawless Like Me’

Drake is expressed his appreciation towards Chicago artist LUCKI via his Instagram Story by sharing one of his lyrics taken from the album FLAWLESS LIKE ME.

The 6 God joined the IG Story on Tuesday (September 27) by capturing a screen of the lyrics of LUCKI’s track “13” where he made reference to Drizzy.

The song’s lyrics refer to Drake’s love for Houston. ” I’m in Houston I’m feeling like Aubrey I’ve just spoilt an ox in ghost,” LUCKI raps.

Drake shared the post and when the company learned of the news, he posted on Twitter to spread the word and also celebrate the inclusion of the Future as an option. Drake also retweeted a photo of the Daily Double of HITS forecast sales chart which illustrates LUCKI finishing at the number. 13. It has 22,000 of its units being moved.

“I received Future to my record, I also charted it and Drake recently posted me. The NEPTUNE’s out,” LUCKI tweeted. “I can’t believe I charted. You know that, I’m always talking about people’s first week numbers. This is a bit crazy for me. I’ll never be able to get over this. Let’s be in the top 10skiii. !!!!!! !”

FLAWLESS LIKE Me came out on September 22nd and features Future and Babyface Ray. The album follows his mixtape from 2021 “Wake Up Lucki” that he recorded as a collaboration effort in collaboration with Philadelphia producer F1lthy.

Drake always has his ears towards the streets to keep an eye on the fresh faces looking to break through and get into the game. Drake recently did this in conjunction with Ice Spice as Drake stumbled upon the singer’s “Munch (Feelin’ U)” track and played it alongside many tracks by The Bronx rapper’s tracks during the radio show. program.

He also began to follow the 22-year-old on Instagram and flew her to Toronto to meet friends and take part in OVOFest. Drizzy’s curly-haired rapper was recently in a conversation on the phone with RapCaviar during which she talked about the unplanned rendezvous and also the time Drizzy got in touch with her via Instagram.

“When Drake DM’d me, I was not expecting to get a response,” Spice said about the message she received from Drizzy. “I had just arrived at L.A. for my Genius Open Mic for ‘Munch and he said”Yo it’s hard to do ‘Munch’ and your on your Radar Freestyles are difficult. Then I thought, ‘Oh my God this is crazy, I’m living in L.A. about to shoot the Open Mic. ‘”

She said: “Linking up with him was so fun. He’s a great guy and kind. We attended OVO Fest. It was very exciting as it was the first time he had performed in Toronto I believe within a few years. It was an entertainment event. Everyone was ecstatic. The enthusiasm was up. Nicki Minaj gave a show, and it was electric. “Lil Wayne performed his part. The shit was insane.”

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