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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Freddie Gibbs & Ice-t React To 21 Savage’s Potentially Incriminating Clubhouse Comments

21 Savage’s possible incriminating remarks about Clubhouse have shocked some of his rap colleagues in shock, including Freddie Gibbs and Ice-T.

The Atlanta rapper was involved in another fight in the world of social media earlier in the week and this time, with unnamed competitors from Chicago. In the heated debate, 21 threatened one of the rivals by threatening: “You will die,” while boasting about his group’s invincibility.

“Every n-gga that we beef with, 30 of the n-ggas get smoked, and don’t nothing happen to us!” He barked.

The audio of the discussion was made all over the internet, Freddie Gibbs and Ice-T were on Twitter to express their confused responses to 21 Savage’s potentially shrewd comments.

“N-ggaz arguing over who killed the most n-ggaz on clubhouse lol,” Gibbs tweeted with a facepalm emoji. Ice-T added: “I actually think that app was invented in the name of police. Especially for Dumb MFs.”

It is worth noting that the Savage Mode rapper was also warned by the Atlanta-based reporter George Chidi, who advised him that discussing murders in an open platform is not the best idea, especially since authorities are always on the lookout.

“Rappers who think APD and the attorney general’s office don’t listen to Clubhouse are talking in a public forum on recorded audio about committing murders,” Chidi tweeted. “Gentlemen. Don’t be living in the world of Key & Peele sketch.”

21 Savage’s comments come amid the intense scrutiny of rappers’ lyrics and words. Recently, Young Thug had a judge read some of his rhymes against police as a part of jury selection for the RICO trial against the YSL group.

The lyrics of Thugger’s hit single “Slime Shit” were recited in court and the prosecutor’s lawyers have tried to use as evidence, describing the tracks released by YSL group “overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy.”

The song’s hook, which is a Young Thug rap, is sung by Judge Ural Glanville in a video that was posted on social media. I’m not new to this, hey, I’m so true to this, hey I did placed a full slime on a humid lick. Hello, this slime shit. Hey, YSL crap. Hey, Killin’ 12 shit. Hey, Fuck a jail shit. Hey/… Cookin’ white brick. Hey, hey/

Additionally, Judge Glanville recited lyrics from songs by Lil Duke, PeeWee Roscoe, and Yak Gotti. Some of them consist of: “Become slimy or get slimed. Hey, this that slime shit/ Fuck, fuck the police (Fuck ’em), in fast speed. I’m in the VIP and have that pistol on my hip. You pray that you live. I pray that I hit.”

Young Thug’s lawyers submitted a motion last year asking for the removal of songs and lyrics, music videos and social posts from evidence during the trial. But defense attorneys have justified their usage of lyrics in court since they believe that Thug’s lyrics represent “preserving, protecting and enhancing the reputation, power, and territory of the enterprise [YSL].”

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