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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Gen Z Style 2022 For All Fashion Lovers

Gen z style in 2022 can be mentioned with extremely diverse fashion styles. From personality style to warm gentleness. So which of the following styles of gen z girls are you pursuing? Follow the article below to find out your own fashion trends.

Basic fashion style gen z 2022

Vintage fashion style

This is a fashion style that has been around for a long time, but now gen z have been updating the fashion trends of previous years. Why is this a style that many people are looking for, despite its long history? Many fashionistas have been creative when mixing clothes worn many years ago, with more modern clothing styles to create a new vintage look.
Besides, the gen z girls also know how to change this style according to their own trends. Because, gen z is known to be extremely disruptive and changeable. Since then, it has created the gen z 2022 style in the most unique and unique ways.

Vintage style, gen z girls often mix clothes according to their own personality such as Sweet t-shirt mixed with wide-leg pants with converse shoes that will make them both active and stylish. the tenderness of the twenties. Or for gen z girls who like to coordinate with skirts, you can also consider wearing a Sweet shirt with a short skirt and high-collar converse shoes.

Minimalism fashion style

Minimalism fashion style is also known as relaxed dark fashion style. It can be understood that this is a fashion style with a simple way of coordinating clothes with the most optimal colors. The colors people usually look for are black and white. Do not use bright colors that are too prominent. According to the comments of some individuals, people with a taste for Minimalism often live discreetly, but have a strong personality.

The style originated in Japan, derived from the art of origami. This is an art of omitting sophisticated and complex lines, focusing only on what is simple but optimal. Although the style is minimalist, it is not boring and monotonous. Outfits with a relaxed dark fashion style are always designed to be sharp, and elegant.
Gen z girls have applied the Minimalism style to transform while keeping their own characteristics and still bringing their own style to create the 2022 gen z style. You can mix and match the style of the gen z. by mixing a bra with a pair of skinny jeans. You can also add a Brazer shirt to create a feeling of both luxury and attractiveness.

Preppy fashion style

This is one of the fashion styles that are suitable for school culture, or places that need the discreet, polite that the gen z girls are applying for this 2022 style. Preppy costumes are elegantly designed, elegant, discreet. The designs are not too fussy, complicated and do not create a different appearance. They are a harmonious combination of types of clothing designed for students.
You can combine the shirt inside and wear a waistcoat followed by the outermost jacket. With this combination, you can absolutely wear a short skirt or a pair of pants. It creates a feeling of maturity while creating a youthful and dynamic look.

Fashion Style Sport Chic

Gen z 2022 fashion style is all a unique variation and creation, so gen z has used Sport chic style to become a style that can be used anywhere, anytime. Not only used when people play sports, but thanks to the unique variation, sportswear can still be used appropriately in daily life. There have been many fashionistas successfully modified sportswear, so that they fit and become a fashion trend full of personality and strong.
Items such as crop tops, hoodies, oversize shirts, leggings, boyfriend jeans… are the main outfits to create a Sport Chic fashion. Besides, sneakers and caps are two of the many commonly used accessories. Sports fashion style helps young people stay active, confident and can spread positive energy, in order to create a scientific and healthy lifestyle.

Normcore fashion style

Currently, not only gen z girls but also many Fashionistas are responding to the normcore wave, in order to create a more novel style. Style is a combination of many trends and different types of clothing. Normcore comes from Unisex style, genderless fashion style. They are geared towards costumes that have been modified, a bit out of the way, but not too complicated.
Gen z knows how to make Normcore style a trend in 2022. Individuality and uniqueness make fashion trends for 2022, I believe this fashion trend will continue for many years. later, if you know how to make this style unique.
There are many different types of outfits used in this style. From t-shirts, shirts, chinos, jeans, to fancy dresses that are not necessarily sewn close to the body. They create a perfect look, it is not too difficult to aim for this fashion style.

Above is the gen z 2022 fashion style that we would like to introduce to all of you who love fashion. Hopefully with our sharing, you will have more new fashion styles in your own collection of fashion styles.



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