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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Gothic Style – Gen Z fashion trends 2022

Gothic is one of the Gen Z fashion trends 2022 that makes the wearer full of magic and mystery. However, it also has an unusually irresistible charm. So what is gothic style? Let’s find out with Musicdope90s this unique fashion trend through the article below.

What is gothic fashion style?

Gothic fashion style is a style with a ghostly, mysterious look with the dominant black tone. This style is also considered by people to have melancholy emotions or nostalgic scenes. It is this incredible beauty that attracts most people. Although this fashion trend was updated by gen z a few years ago, it is still popular until 2022. With its breakthrough, gen z has turned this unusual style into an attractive and disruptive style.

Gothic style is associated with the image of snow-white skin, and red lips. Along with that, dark costumes and ghostly eyes create. Then, around the 19th and early 20th centuries, Gothic officially appeared in real life. That is during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Distinctive features of gothic style

Initially, Gothic was known to everyone as the architecture with classical design in earth tones. These Gothic structures are usually churches built in the Middle Ages.

The essence of Gothic in fashion is not with anti-social intentions. Now, Gothic is known for the beauty of the dark side of life.

Gothic fashion style has a rebellious personality, used by many gen z young people, especially by 2022 it is still appreciated and becomes a fashion trend of young people. Because the Gothic style gives people the feeling of a typical vampire. With dark makeup, a sick white face and black lipstick. Gothic is the combination of this makeup with the ghost costumes. Such as a black leather jacket, lace skirt,…

If you are a fashion enthusiast and love many fashion styles, you can learn the gothic fashion style that young gen z still use. Gen z always knows how to transform to fit the times. Therefore, gothic has never been outdated under the changing hands of gen z.

Materials and accessories that make up gothic style

One of the elements that make Gothic unique is the materials and accessories. Below is a collection of accessories with the same materials commonly used in gothic style.

Lace and sheer material

Lace is often used to design gothic-style suits. The feature of this material has many patterns created from the gaps. Sheer fabric is quite thin fabric so it is very smooth and light to wear. However, sheer fabrics are see-through. So sometimes it will be offensive to wear clothes from this material. Besides, the gen z girls also know how to combine sparkling stone accessories on their outfits. Even the use of small feathers to create accents for the outfit helps the gothic fashion style become a durable gen z fashion trend in 2022.

Black jacket

Black jacket is also one of the indispensable items in an outfit of gothic style that gen z girls are using. You can mix and match different coat patterns. However, gothic fashionistas often choose jackets with embroidered lines that simulate ancient architecture. This helps to create a strong and personal impression on the viewer.

Turtleneck boots

Turtleneck boots are a characteristic item of the Gothic style. They help the outfit become more prominent, more personal, more Gothic.

Accessories necklaces, earrings, bracelets

Fashion accessories in Gothic style are quite diverse but mostly have quite dark colors. Typical are Gothic bracelets, gloves or necklaces. More than just the usual accessories, they can be nailed or dark colored stone. This further enhances the personality of the wearer.

Makeup for European fashion style – gothic

Gothic style usually tends to be quite bold makeup. Specifically, lipstick with prominent colors such as red, black, … The eyes are dark or smoky gray. Hair is often left loose and ruffled to create a ghostly and seductive look.

Some styling tips for Gen Z girls

  • Models of T-shirts, oversize tank tops combine high socks and boots. Although a t-shirt or tanktop is quite simple, it can be used to create a Gothic style. By creating accents with bold makeup and accessories such as bracelets or necklaces or leather boots, etc.
  • Tight pants combined with crop top. Crop tops showing off your waist combined with tight pants and accessories are also a great choice.
  • Sweater combined with cow waistcoat. Today, Gothic fashion has been changed along with brighter colors. A sweater with a cowl gives a very personal but no less dynamic beauty.

Gen z fashion trend 2022 is a collection of old and modern styles not only with gothic style but also many other unique styles of gen z that you can refer to. Fashion trends may come and go, but the right mix will always make them a lasting monument.



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