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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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How Hip-hop Artists’ ’90s Fashion Style Influenced Today’s Fashion

Fashion may come and go, but trends are sure to bring seemingly forgotten fashion styles back on track. Especially the fashion trends of hip-hop rap artists of the 90s have been and are once again confirming that their fashion trends and styles are timeless. So let’s take a look at some of the hip hop styles of the 90s that are hot again in recent years.

Kangol Caps

First popularized by LL Cool J in the ’80s, the British Kangol hat company has become part of the memory of ‘90s hip-hop culture after appearing in some of the era’s most popular films grand.
In 1991, Wesley Snipes played Nino Brown, a drug lord who took over an apartment block in New York, turning it into a shack in New Jack City. Throughout the film, Brown and some of his members can be seen wearing Kangol hats with the brand’s logo proudly displayed.
A few years later, Quentin Tarantino followed up with the Jackie Brown hit Pulp Fiction, an homage to the black cinema of the 70s starring Samuel L. Jackson as Ordell Robbie, whose Kangol hat turned upside down became one of Jackson’s most iconic looks. In fact, Jackson is so attached to style that he’s the first person most people think of when they think of Kangol hats.

Timberland Boots

To this day, the classic tan Timberland suede boot is known as a staple of style in New York, but its roots can also be traced back to the hip hop scene 90s.

Although intended for construction workers and the like, these shoes have attracted the attention of New York drug dealers who need sturdy and durable shoes to keep their shoes on. Their feet are warm and dry during long hours on the road. Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Aaliyah – pretty much every hip-hop and R&B artist you can think of – all carried Timberland, and still, do to this day.

Oversized White T-Shirts

From the early 90s to the late 2000s, hip-hop fashion was primarily defined by oversized clothes. One reason for this is that many poor children growing up in cities like New York, LA and Chicago will take clothes left by their siblings. And even if you don’t have siblings, wearing oversized clothes can save you trouble because kids always have to grow up, and this means parents don’t have to think about sizing for their kids for a while. very long time
The baggy plain white t-shirt became a hip-hop fashion staple in the ’90s, so much so that when Kanye West collaborated with French fashion house APC for a collection in 2013, one design was a t-shirt. white oversize was named “hip-hop T-shirt”. An icon of Oldschool Hiphop

Coogi’s Sweater

Although he may be best known for his lyricism, Brooklyn-based rapper The Notorious BIG is also one of hip-hop’s earliest fashion icons, having marked countless brands in his lyrics. years before those brands were really popular.
Among countless brands, Biggie helped popularize the Coogi sweater in the American hip-hop community at that time and spread to the world today. If you need more convincing? Search for the image “Coogi Sweater” and see who shows up. Yes, that’s the influence.


Of all the weird and wonderful styles the ’90s created, the popularity of denim dungarees was welcome.
Dress in loose or baggy clothes, tie up or take off the side, style with a t-shirt, hoodie, button up or nothing at all, this trend has suddenly come from the likes of TLC, The Fugees, Will Smith, and Tupac, and became a staple of the time.

If you want proof that they’re going through a resurgence, look at Supreme. They released a pair of dungarees a few seasons ago and have released at least one consecutive pair each season since.


These days, denim jeans may be a fashion staple, but that wasn’t always the case. In the 80s, denim jeans started as workwear, it was not until the late 80s that it became a new color of world fashion.
By the ’90s, brands like Guess Jeans, Versace, Moschino, and Calvin Klein were leading the way in high-end denim production. While black-owned brands like Phat Farm and FUBU have incorporated denim into their products as more affordable casual streetwear.

Since then, Westcoast artists like Tupac and Eazy-E of NWA have taken this style further, pairing denim jeans with an oversized denim jacket to form a full ensemble.



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