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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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How Unique Was Tupac Shakur’s Unique Fashion At That Time

Tupac is a great artist, and that’s obvious. However, the contributions he has made to HipHop are not only in the lyrics and melody but also in the fashion world.

With a wide range of clothes from sports jerseys, slacks, and bandanas on top, to expensive and shiny suits, Tupac is always aware of what will look best. This means a gray suit on the outside or a patterned guitar on the inside, or a chic necklace with shiny jewelry when Tupac guested with Snoop Dogg at the 1996 MTV Awards. Some nostalgia for the look of the Italian mafias and Tupac’s personal style. Pac is never limited to a specific fashion but always innovates every time it comes out. In 1996, at the Soul Train Awards, Pac donned a sturdy soldier suit with combat boots, displaying the humble “soldier” look that Pac had always been known for.

Before that, Tupac will “make” himself a Carhatt set, adding a beenie Thug Life above, partly to pay tribute to the introduction of workwear into HipHop culture. Then maybe a blue and white striped shirt, with a snapback and a pair of sunglasses, still cool, still very Tupac. Tupac’s fashion style was also noticed by famous designer Gianni Versace and personally invited Pac to show on the runway. The event also helps expand the opportunity to become the brand face of the next generation rappers (A$AP Rocky with Dior, 21 Savage with YSL).

Constantly innovating herself, always knowing what she suits, Tupac has boldly imprinted her immortal fashion mark on the hip-hop culture. Until now, although the legendary rapper Tupac is no longer on this earth, his fashion influence has been rekindled in recent years. It is like an immortal wave, whenever there is wind, it is rolled up.



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