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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Is Travis Scott Really Banned From Replacing Kanye West At Rolling Loud Miami

Some promoters/venues aren’t willing to take the risk of booking Travis Scott following 2021’s deadly Astroworld Festival. On Sunday (July 17), Rolling Loud Miami CEO/co-founder Tariq Cherif announced Kanye West was being replaced by Kid Cudi due to “circumstances outside of (their) control.”

Many suggested Scott would’ve been a more suitable replacement at the Hard Rock Stadium event, but Cherif explained it simply wasn’t possible. As he wrote via Twitter, “Tried to convince Ye to stay on the lineup, but he wasn’t having it. The venue won’t allow Travis because of Astroworld deaths.”

After Kanye West pulled out of his headlining slot at Rolling Loud. Hip-hop fans speculated Travis Scott would be the perfect lineup replacement for the Donda 2 rapper. But, that idea was quickly shot down by one of the Miami festival’s founders, who claimed Scott’s association with the fatal crowd rush at his Astroworld Festival last year made him a persona non grata with venue officials.

Travis Scott Not Banned at Rolling Loud

Now, festival organizers say, Scott wasn’t banned from appearing at Hard Rock Stadium at all. And that festival co-founder Tariq Cherif made the comment out of frustration.

“We reached out to Travis Scott to headline Rolling Loud, but it couldn’t work in such a short time,” a spokesperson for the festival told Rolling Stone. “This had nothing to do with any restrictions from the hosting venue Hard Rock Stadium.”
On Monday, Cherif responded to fan comments on Instagram about the festival’s last-minute lineup change, stating the “venue won’t allow Travis because of Astroworld deaths,” prompting speculation about a possible ongoing blacklist of the “Sicko Mode” rapper after Astroworld’s security failures led to the deaths of 10 people and injured hundreds of others. (Kid Cudi will replace West as headliner on Friday, the opening night of the festival.)
Kanye West formally pulled out of his Rolling Loud set over the weekend. The festival organizers confirmed the news, just a week before the flagship event in Miami was expected to take place. Kid Cudi was announced as his replacement but people still felt disappointed.
Many ticketholders expressed that they were far more interested in seeing Travis Scott touch the stage instead of Cudi. However, the Astroworld Festival tragedy continues to haunt Travis Scott, according to Rolling Loud founder Tariq Cherif. Following the announcement of Kanye pulling out. Cherif explained that did everything that he could to keep Ye on deck but the multi-hyphenate “wasn’t having it.” As fans bombarded the comments demanding Travis Scott as the replacement. He explained that the Houston rapper is banned from performing at the Hard Rock Stadium.
In addition to being the subject of a slew of Astroworld-related lawsuits Travis Scott, including a recent wrongful death claim filed by a woman who lost her unborn child during the event, the embattled rapper is also being sued for allegedly causing a stampede at Rolling Loud in 2019.

“This is another blatant, cynical attempt to attack Travis Scott,” a representative for Travis Scott said in a statement to Rolling Stone.” As even the complaint makes clear, this incident was related to a false report of a shooting mid-show, completely unrelated to Travis’s performance… This cheap opportunism is based on a blatant lie that’s easy to detect.”

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