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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Jay-z & Beyonce Album Reported In The Works For “Renaissance The Trilogy

Beyonce’s Renaissance trilogy is expected to include a second album in collaboration along with Jay-Z.

Based on The New York Times pop culture reporter Kyle Buchanan, Queen Bey plans to collaborate for a whole-length time together with the Hip Hop icon husband for the third and final part of the Renaissance collection.

He also offered some insight about the second part of the show and said it would be a completely acoustic production.

“Before Twitter shuts down instead of forcing you to follow me on other platforms I’ll let you know what I’ve learned about the two acts that comprise Beyonce’s three-part project ‘Renaissance,” Buchanan tweeted on Thursday (November 17). “(2nd Act is an acoustic record 3rd act is the result of a collaboration with Jay Z).”

Before Renaissance’s highly-anticipated release on July 29th Beyonce declared that it was the debut release in a three-part series.

“This three-act album was recorded over a period of three years in the midst of the pandemic. A quiet time and also one that I discovered to be most imaginative,” she wrote on her website. “Creating this album was a way for me to have the space to think and escape from the most frightening time in the world.

“It let me feel at ease and free during a period when no one else was happening. My aim is to provide a secure environment, one that is free from judgement. A space where you can be free from overthinking and perfectionism. A space to scream and let go, to feel free. It was an amazing adventure of discovery.”

Although Beyonce is yet to confirm the information regarding the release of her Renaissance trilogy however, it’s not the first album she’s made with JAY-Z. In June 2018, Mr., as well as Mrs. Carter, joined forces for All is Love that was unveiled by surprise in the course of their On the Run II Tour. Run II Tour.

With contributions from such artists as Pharrell Ty Dolla$ign as well as Migos members Quavo and Offset The project debuts at No. one on the Billboard 200 after earning 123,000 equivalent units during the first week. It was later able to be awarded the Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2019 Grammys and was later certified gold.

All Is Love was part of something of a trilogy it was released in the wake of Beyonce and JAY-Z’s solo albums, 2016, Lemonade and 2017’s 444 that were both about their highly-publicized battle problems at the time. The duo’s previous collaborations comprise “Crazy In Love,” “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” and “Drunk In Love.”

In the meantime, Bey and Hov continue to establish themselves as the music’s top power couple following their rise to becoming the most-nominated couple in Grammys history, with 88 nominations each. Beyonce is tops the list of artists with nine nominations for 2023’s 2023 Grammy Awards, while JAY-Z will be nominated for three nominations thanks to his standout song in the track of DJ Khaled “God did it.”

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