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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Josh Mcdaniels Has To Be Fired After Losing To Jeff Saturday And Baker Mayfield

It was reported that the Las Vegas Raiders blew a 16 advantage over the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday evening with just under four minutes left in a match where Al Michaels had already moved into musings on 2 Chainz. As Baker Mayfield and Sean McVay will be spending all day being praise, at the very least, the majority of time should be devoted to blaming Josh McDaniels. There’s no way that the Raiders could keep him in charge following this. It doesn’t matter if the move is an astronomical amount.

McDaniels was a sloppy player against Baker Mayfield who was on another team just three days prior. It was the Raiders have also been defeated by Jeff the day after his appointment as the coach of his team, the Indianapolis Colts. The crowd was still laughing at his first press conference after the Colts defeated the Raiders. Indy has lost all three of its games since defeating the Raiders.

These are games that you can’t lose. Also, McDaniels has lost both teams have lost fourth-quarter lead leads. They’ve blown four fourth-quarter lead total while seven of the Raiders 8 losses were in games with a single score. In four of their games, they’ve had at least 13 points advantage.

McDaniels must take responsibility. McDaniels has to take the blame. The rams could not be able to complete this comeback last night had it been were it not for a sloppy penalty in which Jerry Tillery slapped the ball off Mayfield’s palm after Maxx Crosby’s sack. This is an unruly behavior you won’t find on teams with good coaching staff. Do you think Bill Belichick putting up with this kind of thing?

There’s Derek Carr. He was the ex-Pro Bowl quarterback who turned into the player that everyone was expecting to see from Baker Mayfield last night: 11-for-20, 137 yards, and two touchdowns. Carr scored eleven passing yards during the 4th quarter when the Raiders did not win the game.

It’s going to be on McDaniels who is at this point the most convincing illustration of why it’s OK to sign Jeff Saturday. It’s impossible to save this season. It’s impossible to believe that McDaniels is the person to bring things back to normal. There’s only the chance for more losses that are unimaginable to accumulate.

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