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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Kanye West Asks Trump To Be 2024 Presidential Running Mate During Mar-a-Lago Meeting

Kanye West is for a long time been in awe of Donald Trump and Ye confessed that he offered the former president to serve as his running mate for the 2024 presidential election.

In a tweet he posted to his Twitter account, which he has since restored the previous the 22nd of November (November 22) The Chicago rapper announced that he’d been to Trump at his notorious Mar-a-Lago Resort located in Palm Beach, Florida, in which he had a conversation about the former Republican leader about the possibility of running for office in the future.

Kanye did not divulge Trump’s response, however Kanye did post an open poll that allowed his fans to preference on the way they feel the rapper declared (“That’s Very Ye” as well as “That’s Very Ney” can be the 2 possible answers). It’s likely that Trump responded by saying the latter, considering that the fact that he also announced a 2024 presidential campaign in the last week.

“First time at Mar-a-Lago[.] It was rainy and crowded.” I can’t believe that I kept President Trump waiting.” I was wearing jeans, Yikes!” Ye wrote. “What do you do you think his reaction was when I wanted for his running partner at 2024?”

Kanye West announced on Saturday that he will have a plan to running for the presidency in 2024 and has enlisted controversial alt-right activist Milo YAN to work on his presidential campaign. Yeezy has also announced plans to launch a fresh “Ye 24” clothing line, with each piece selling for just $20.

“Everything that we do will cost you around $20,” Kanye said while showing off the clothes. “We must ensure that everyone gets the same amount of cuts, the same amount of nutrition, exact amount of water, the same amount of education…we’re making progress in the direction of the past. We’re focusing on the future.”

In an interview on Fox News in the month of March, Ye explained the backlash about his support for Donald Trump encouraged him to express his opinions more openly.

“I believe I began to realize that I needed to express myself fully in the year Trump ran for president and all the people within Hollywood including my former wife, my mother-in-law and my boss at the time, to my friends/handlers around me said that if I ever said I was a fan of Trump the rest of my life would end.” he said.

Kanye West has previously was a presidential candidate in the year 2020 but he backed down in November after winning 75,000 votes in 12 states.

“That time wasn’t God’s hands,” Ye told ABC’s Linsey Davis in an interview earlier in the year and added that religion will be a major aspect of his campaign come 2024.

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