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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Lil Pump Loses His New Album In A Lake: ‘Please Help Me!’

Lil Pump will release his new album in January. However, it seems like his recent trip at a lake might have him making other plans.

The Miami native posted to Instagram Stories Wednesday, November 23rd to ask his followers to help him locate the project titled Pump 2 after he lost the hard drive.

“Guys, I lost my hard drive too. Lil Pump stated in the clip that he lost his hard drive in the middle of the lake. It’s not there. Please help me to find it. Please, help me. Please!”

This project will be a follow-up to his self-titled studio album, which reached No. With 45,000 equivalent units sold in the first week, it was No. 3. The RIAA later declared it gold. His most recent effort, December 2021’s No Name with producer Ronny J didn’t chart as well, and failed to chart on Billboard 200.

Pump spoke with Bootleg Kev about J. Cole’s predictions regarding the colorful-haired rapper’s fall following his breakout hit single “Gucci Gang“. The Pump does not see any decline and pointed out the properties he owns to prove it.

Kev asked him if he believed Cole was correct. He replied “Nope”, “Because he’s still here. “I got two houses… I don’t think he predicted that shit.

The Pump was apparently at Cole’s KOD album track “1985” (Intro To ‘The Fall Off) in 2018. He dismissed SoundCloud rappers, dismissing them as novelty acts and advising them to listen to his advice.

“One Day, those kids that’s listening will grow up/ And become too old for the shit you made blow up/ Now your show is lookin’ bright cause they don’t show up/ Which unfortunately makes the money slow down,” Cole sings on the track.

He concludes with ” Remember what I said to you when you were a shit flop/ In five year’s time you gon’ have been on ‘Love & Hip-Hop’, n-gga..” The couple has resolved their issues.

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