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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Method Man Thinks Artists Shouldn’t Sign To Another Artist’s Label

Method Man gave Math Hoffa some further words of wisdom for musicians who are thinking about signing with their fellow musicians during their insightful barbershop conversation.

Method Man remarked, “I’ve always felt that you can’t sign someone who is still trying to be an artist. “It’s tough. Unless you are your own machine, they can’t give you the time or attention you likely need and deserve.
Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross are just a few of the rappers Hoffa and his fellow co-hosts began to name as fitting this criterion.

Method Man intervened, “I mean, these are people who, I’m quite sure, have a staff.”
The Wu-Tang legend also expressed his regret to Destiny’s Child during the interview for an incident that occurred at Janet Jackson’s MTV Icon special in 2001. Additionally, he talked about rap ghostwriters and remembered the moment he nearly “snuffed” Joe Budden. During his solo phase in the late 1990s, he also discussed how he hated being a sex symbol.

Method Man once claimed of his 1995 collaboration with Mary J. Blige, “I’ll Be There for You. You’re All I Need to Get By,” “I battled that ‘All I Need’ garbage.” “I didn’t want to release it because it had to the point where, when we were performing these performances [with] Wu-Tang, I would walk out to the sound of screaming girls. Now, for me, it’s like, I’m grimy, same-clothes-for-three-days-in-a-row nigga; who wants to go the sex symbol route at this point?!”
The men that performed sex symbol things, he said, “lost their audience, which was the dudes co-signing and shit like that, because dudes, you know, we’re playing the music. Girls say, “I don’t want to hear all that.” However, their boys expose them to it. So I just thought, “N-gga, whatever.” This “Bring the Pain” is being dropped.

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