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Friday, December 9, 2022
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NBA Youngboy Claims He Won’t be beaten by Jay-Z

NBA YoungBoy is claimed his status as an lyricist, claiming the fact that JAY-Z could not beat him when he tried to prove a point that was completely not related to Brooklyn.

The post was part of an assortment of Instagram Stories posted on Thursday evening (November 17) on the Official Never Broke Again, LLC account and thought to be directed at No Cap, a former protege. No Cap.

Although it’s not clear what caused the conflict between the two performers, XXL says that the conflict started with a subtle post regarding NBA YoungBoy‘s side of the issue.

“I am paying attention to everything the slick shit that you’re doing and saying,” read the post that was later deleted. “You are a slick ass and N-IGGA. What do I mean by a genuine rapper? We don’t perform music because I don’t want to [fuck with you[fuck with you]. Stop blaming me for the people. You my daddy artist. You’re a fucking bitch working for a living You’re not my brother. Don’t bother me. I’ll pay you.”

The JAY-Z comment seems to be an extension of this idea that could make NBA YoungBoy or No Cap’s skills as a rapper in the spotlight.

The accounts that were shared on the Never Broke Again account were written in first person, leading the fans to believe that they came directly from NBA YoungBoy the player himself. The posts then went on to include The Quando Rondo in the conversation in reference to an incident where No Cap was proven to be a disloyal player.

“You took me for a ride because I was sexy in the moment I was a hit and you couldn’t even snap a photo of Quando,” the Never Broke Again account posted. “You have signed the cause of queuing facts that you can’t live without him. He’s is the only one who to save you.”

Indirectly addressing the shots, No Cap defended himself and blamed the entire exchange with “hate,” while playing on the notion that this type of behavior is not unusual in NBA YoungBoy.

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“I think it’s time to take my turn this week, isn’t it?” he wrote in an IG story of his own. “I assumed the blame for the reason on the reason we don’t play music because I was trying to keep my hater card free of dirt, but the truth is that we don’t have music because I’m sure he’s scared that I’ll be more powerful.

No Cap continues: “U neva supported me I posted your shit on a few occasions I was signed up to NBA for 3 years but I’m not a pro, so I continued to post dis shit by myself.”

NBA YoungBoy is featured on several tracks from No Cap, most recently featured the track “Flags Up To the Sky” on the album Mr. Crawford.

No Cap claims that despite having the imprint under that album’s release, NBA YoungBoy asked his label’s parent company, Atlantic Record, to pay him for the album.

Another possible explanation for the JAY-Z name review: at the very beginning of the month’s month, YoungBoy from NBA beat the RocNation boss, becoming one of the artists on his own with most albums to chart in the Billboard 200.

The announcement came shortly following the release of YoungBoy‘s new album Mama’s I Got a Family on the 28th of October that debuts at the number. 7, on Billboard 200. The latest position of JAY-Z’s Baton Rouge rapper brings his total number on the chart reaching 25, beating Hov 24, who holds 24. It’s important to note that the Billboard chart does not count the Beyonce and JAY-Z collaboration album ALL THINGS ARE LOVE as being part of the artist’s individual discography.

The list also puts NBA YoungBoy past 2Pac, Nas, Lil Wayne, Future and many other top rappers. But, JAY-Z still has the most No. 1 spots among the Billboard 200 with 14, and YoungBoy only has 3.

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