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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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NBA Youngboy Voices Support For Kanye West On New Song Dedicated To His Supporters

NBA YoungBoy has been staying with Kanye West, however, many other artists have left the musician.

In a post to his YouTube account, titled “This Is Not A Song, This for my Supporters” on the night of Saturday (December 3) YoungBoy raps for eight minutes and expresses his gratitude to Yeezy.

“And it broke my heart to think that Kanye let these people break his heart. did that happen? N-gga, come back to your home! N-gga/N-gga, stand your feet! You are strong !”

The cover art is a representation of The Baton Rouge rapper’s “Stop the violence” message that he’s been distributing of lately.

“Aye! The brutality must end!” On an Instagram video he posted over the Thanksgiving weekend, YoungBoy wrote. “Observe me! You’ll undoubtedly experience life to the fullest. Remove the violence. Did you hear me when I said that you might become a wealthy nugget? To you, I’m willing to swear. I won’t reveal how much money I have in my account, but stop being violent, please!”

While he’s firmly behind Kanye numerous other acquaintances and coworkers have been vocally dissociating themselves in light of his recent comments about Hitler..

“Genius is not synonymous with clever,” Questlove wrote on Twitter on Thursday (December 1). His tweet was shared by the Shade Room on Instagram via the Shade Room, where Jamie Foxx entered the comments section.

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“Say it louder for those who are behind,” Kanye’s, “Slow Jamz” collaborator wrote. “But regardless of the reason, we continue to give these so-called brilliant people the mic.”

In fact, Mike Dean, who Ye has been in close contact with for years, republished an email from Sweden’s House Mafia’s Steve Angello on Instagram and added Ye’s hit song “Power” to let his intended audience know.

“When media focus becomes more important than the actual events it’s an upward slope. Saying provocative words to stimulate social media sites to clicks and actions is unprofessional as it triggers the minds of people who aren’t educated to spread their thoughts like viruses is an unnatural evil,” the message read.

“There are people all over the world doing amazing human things who deserve the same attention we pay to idiots. Let’s salute good people who are doing good work. People who actually help making this world a better place.”

It went on to say: “We live now, not yesterday, nor tomorrow We live in the present But what you do today will impact your future. In the next few years, this day will be referred to as the past. Therefore, you should consider every day as a day that defines your legacy and impact as a human being. we’re all part of this. The life span is very short.”

While Akon does not agree with Ye’s views however, he’s taking a bit of a different position.

“In no way do I disagree with Kanye’s remarks regarding Hitler. I’m simply reiterating that everyone should be free to voice their own views “He recently expressed his perspective in a tweet in which he offered a detailed interview. Doesn’t imply that we will always agree on everything.

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