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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Nicki Minaj And JT Clear Up Rumors That They Have Beef Because Of Their Instagram Live

Nicki Minaj and JT were appearing on Instagram Live on Saturday when a drama erupted. JT was on the show when ” Super Bass” rapper performed JT read out a track from an unpopular track she had written about years ago. They were having fun, however, the people who were in the chat took the lyrics in various ways. Some thought this could have caused a dispute between them, which led JT to go on Twitter to inform the fans to be calm.

“Y’all seem to be delusional. EYE wanted to re-create the music I composed while driving!” JT wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “We laughed the entire time live, like a phone conversation… The group spoke about everything as we had endless laughter.”

Nicki Minaj was adamant by writing “Man I’m f*cking these dudes baby! Everybody on the show knows how awesome it was from beginning to end. We were having fun and having fun, and laughing.” She said, “It’s a Lil freestyle she actually whipped up from the top of her HEAD in her HAR. Because y’all are trying to drag off her, Ima is a maniac for her. WATCH.”

JT and then expressed his gratitude to her, saying “You don’t even need to do anything, you’re doing enough behind the in the background! You’re so kind to me! And I can relate to you! I’m not sure what’s not clicking and why everyone is so tight! But I’m not going to let anyone drag me down on my real sentiments. I’m going to repeat this 1,000 times…I cherish you…thank to you.” It’s good that it was resolved quickly.



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