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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Odell Beckham Jr. Was Forced To Take Off After A Health Concern

Odell Bettham Jr. was taken off a flight from Miami International Airport on Sunday. He refused to leave the plane when asked by police.

Daniel Davillier Beckham’s lawyer refuted that account. He claimed that his client was asleep and that the incident occurred because of an “overzealous” flight attendant.

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department’s statement, officers were called at the airport to treat a medical emergency following concerns expressed by the flight crew that Beckham was very ill.

According to the police statement, “The flight crew was concerned about a passenger [Mr. Odell. Beckham]” and tried to wake him up to fasten his belt. However, he seemed to be going in and out of consciousness before they left. “Fearing Mr. Beckham would become more serious and worsen during the five-hour flight, the attendants called police and fire rescue. The flight crew requested that Mr. Beckham exit the plane several times upon arrival. He refused.

Police stated that the plane was evacuated and that Beckham was eventually able to get off the plane after being asked.

Later, Davillier issued a statement claiming that the whole incident was “completely unrelated.”

Davillier stated that Mr. Beckham was never disruptive or aggressive at any time. “He was willing to obey the seatbelt requirements, but the flight attendant wanted proof that he had the authority to remove Mr. Beckham from the flight.”

In a series tweets, wrote that Beckham addressed the situation. He said, “Never before in my life has I experienced what just happened… It’s alll..” and called it ” comedy.

American Airlines, the airline that operated the Miami-to-Los Angeles flight, stated in a statement, “a customer failing crew member instructions and refusing their seatbelt fastening, the plane returned to its gate.” Fast two hours later than originally scheduled, the flight took off.

According to police, Beckham made arrangements for his flight after he was removed. He was not arrested.

Carlos Gauna, a business class passenger, said that he recognized Beckham and then used his cellphone camera later to capture him walking around the airport terminal. He claimed that Beckham was in first class.

He walked calmly. He was taken out by police,” Gauna stated, adding that the flight was packed and that he had heard “grumblings” from other passengers.

Gauna stated that the aircraft was heading toward takeoff when the captain called for a return to the terminal because of “a situation with an individual passenger”. Gauna stated that an ambulance arrived, and paramedics boarded Beckham’s aircraft before police took him out.

Beckham has been out of action this season due to a torn ACL sustained in last year’s Super Bowl. He was expected to meet teams this week to discuss a possible signing.

The Dallas Cowboys are thought to be the front-runners for Beckham’s signing, with the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills also included.

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