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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Pat Stay Homicide Suspect Arrested, Facing First-degree Murder Charge

A man aged 31 is facing murder charges of the first degree for the death of Canadian battle rap veteran Pat Stay. The report from Global News, Adam Drake was detained in Tantallon on the 10th of September approximately one week after the stabbing that killed him.

A tweet by journalist Graeme Benjamin included video of Drake going to the courtroom in 2019 in relation to a shooting death.

“Adam Drake is now facing a charge of first-degree murder in connection with Pat Stay’s homicide,” Benjamin wrote in his. “Here the defendant was appearing in the courtroom in 2019 after being charged in the murder of Tyler Keizer. The charges were dropped in the year before.”

Police were dispatched in the 1600 block Lower Water Street around 12:36 a.m. local time on September 4, with reports of an assault. The victim, Pat Stay was taken to the hospital in the area in which he later died of the injuries. A person familiar with Stay has confirmed with HipHopDX that the accident occurred at the bar. The law enforcement agency later revealed what the address of the establishment: The Yacht Club Social in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

When the investigation began Police suggested that the murder of Stay was not a random incident of violence. A few weeks earlier, Stay called out The Game as a desperate attempt to win Eminem’s attention when the Compton-born singer made his debut with “The Black Slim Shady” song that was a diss track.

Even though Game hasn’t responded to the comments of Stay, Stay decided to release an op-ed directed at Game. In his caption “After the time I called Game in the last few days and it went viral everywhere, including TMZ, etc. I went into the studio to record this song. I’ve been there for about a minute and I was not going to release it until Game fired on me, but, the song is so intense that I will not be heard by the masses. Plus, the video is insane.”

At the moment, investigators haven’t identified any motive behind the crime however, rumors are abound on the internet, and some believe Stay’s remarks could have contributed to the murder.

A plethora of famous faces mourned the loss of Stay via social media and included Eminem and his tweet: “Hip Hop lost one of the greatest combatants ever. RIP @patstay … KINGS NEVER DIE! !”

Stay was just 36 at the date of his death. He leaves behind a young child as well as numerous family and friends. Police are announcing that the investigation is still ongoing and anyone who has information regarding Stay’s death is encouraged to contact the police at 902-490-5020 or to make a anonymous tip via Crime Stoppers online or by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).



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