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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Rap Hip-hop – The History Of Rap Battles You May Not Know

History of rap battles – Why is rap so popular all over the world?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “East Coast” or “West Coast”? Speaking of these phrases, we immediately think of the history of rap battles. Rap music is one of the genres that make a deep impression in both the past and the present. If anyone loves rap music, they will definitely want to learn more about the history of this genre and want to know “why it is becoming more and more popular around the world”. To find the right answers, let’s find out with us!

1. The history of hip-hop rap

Hip-hop emerged in the 1970s on the streets of South Bronx, New York. DJ Kool Herc is considered by many to be the father of hip-hop. He is a Jamaican who moved to the Bronx and was the first to initiate the percussion break technique. He’s basically the one who lays the groundwork for the rap by directing the mic to encourage the dancers.

Is rap part of hip-hop?

Hip-hop is not just a genre of music, it is a culture, it is the father of rap. It has defied social, political, and life-changing barriers. Rap begins when DJs place long percussion breaks in their orchestras. The MCs will take time to chat and make the crowd more lively. Occasionally, these breaks have MCs talking to musical instruments. In addition, Rap was also influenced by groups in Harlen, who entered the field of political street poetry in the early 70s. In addition, influenced by the speeches of American leaders and Famous Africans like Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr.

Many people think that rap will be a short-lived craze and fade with time. However, in 1979, the Sugar Hill Gang used disco beats to create “Rapper Delight” – the first officially recorded rap single.

Starting in the late 80s, the golden age of hip-hop, rappers continuously pushed the artistic boundaries of rap and helped it penetrate the market.

In the ’90s, also known as the “gangsta rap” era, rappers portrayed themselves as gangsters or “thugs” in search of industry success. NWA is a West Coast hip-hop group and an excellent example of “gangsta rap”. This type of rap tells allegories about violence, crime, and growing up in poverty. It often repeats themes of partying, gang activity, etc.

Today, rappers don’t need to change their personalities to find success anymore. The music of rappers like Drake, Kanye, and J Cole represents a shift in rap culture. Their music talks a lot about different topics like religion or lifestyle.

In the early 2000s, there was a change. Beginning with the appearance of R&B rap, autotune rap, ringtone rap, and southern rap. The genre of rap separated from the street or “gangsta rap” and became more accessible and popular with the masses. There are also periods where rap blends into alternative rap and electronic genres.

The rise of hip-hop rap is rooted in the deep cultural roots of African-Americans and Caribbeans as well as the legends that built and developed rap music from its birthplace in the Bronx.

2. History of rap battles – East Coast vs West Coast rivalry

a. History of rap battles

Many people think that the hip-hop rap culture emerged from the East Coast. New York rappers often claim that their hip-hop style is superior to that of other hip-hop cultures. A rap battle is a type of rap performed between two or more performers that combines bragging, insults, and puns. Rap battles are often said to have started in the East Coast hip hop scene in the late 1980s. One of the battles. The earliest and most notorious battle occurred in December 1982 when Kool Moe Dee challenged Busy Bee Starski to a duel.

b. The confrontation between the East Coast and the West Coast

The East Coast and West Coast saga focuses on the feud surrounding hip-hop fans and artists on both sides, especially since the mid-1990s. It focuses primarily on The Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur, two famous rappers who exist in two opposing states: New York and Los Angeles. At the core of the rivalry, however, was between two record companies, Bad Boy Entertainments (East Coast) and Death Row Records (West Coast).

People on the West Coast of the United States are always guilty, and self-deprecating. But by the late ’80s, rap music was popular throughout the United States. From there, West Coast rappers began to blossom. Unfortunately, this has left the East Coast hip-hop rap industry feeling unappreciated. This caused the beginning of this tragic confrontation. The West Coast retaliated with the “w” hand gesture to signify a unified community.

Biggie and Tupac became the two main factors in this feud. One event that caught the attention of the media was when Tupac was shot dead in 1994. Biggie’s single is titled “Who Shot Ya?” and was released immediately after the incident. To this day, their murders remain unsolved. Although there is no evidence linking their rivalry to the murders, their deaths have given rise to a number of theories and conspiracies.

3. Why is rap more and more popular all over the world?

As mentioned above, Rap was born from the New York street culture. Through years of ups and downs, today, rap has become the most popular music genre on the planet. It even surpassed rock music. Currently, rap artists have many tools to support, and plenty of space to grow and change. Names like Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Jay Z, Eminem, and Kanye West have become major influencers on urban youth.

Rap music has characteristics that make it a popular music genre. Firstly, it’s about very clever and clear rap lyrics. Through each song, the artists speak about social, political, and daily life situations. Second, rap tracks are also easy to distribute, and easy to access. People often think rappers just talk, not sing. Third, the topics of rap songs are also very diverse such as women, money, alcohol, fame, love, etc. And finally, rap shows a very clear view of culture.

Today, the Internet and social networking sites are increasingly popular. Thanks to that, rap is also more and more popular all over the world. It’s now easier than ever to listen to different musicians from all over the world. The Internet helps promote culture and music closer to everyone. Since then, people’s familiarity with rap around the world has been faster and faster than before.

In addition, thanks to the power of the Internet, the public discovers the talents of rap singers in front of caves. As a result, artists have more options over labels. They also get to be themselves from the start because there aren’t any constraints that shape them. Rappers can make their own or keep the original. This is one reason why rap music is increasingly diverse, unique, and popular all over the world.

As such, we already know where the history of rap battles comes from. Up to now, rap is one of the popular music genres in the US as well as around the world. It is gradually geared towards young rappers who have creative abilities and many ideas. This makes this genre of music closer than ever, helping to form a genre that is easier to listen to, more accessible and much loved today.



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