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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Sheek Louch Accuses Young Thug’s Co-Defendants Of Snitching: “It’s All The Way Horrible”

Sheek Louch has been giving some suggestions for Young Thug and advising the rapper to let go of his friends as well as accusing YSL rapper’s co-defendants for snitching on him.

The Lox member spoke about his thoughts in a VladTV interview as he talked about his new single. He began by giving an explanation of the reason the song is ” Loyal or Stupid.”

“I’m definitely talking from a different age right now,” Sheek Louch declared. “I’m one hundred years old now, Vlad, and my notion of what it means, to be honest, might be different from what was the norm back then Do you know what I’m talking about? Loyal or stupid “Don’t be loyal to people who aren’t really faithful to you man. And even to themselves.”

Vlad pointed out the discussion towards his involvement in the YSL RICO case and claimed “loyalty is being pushed and questioned” in Hip-Hop today. Vlad also mentioned the numerous plea agreements made by Gunna and other artists prior to Young Thug’s forthcoming trial.

“Listen, I think it’s all the way horrible,” the Yonkers rapper said. “Whatever you’re involved with it’s a good idea to be clear that you’re not going to go completely with it, then there’s impossible for this kind of person ***, to even…how do I put it? to snitch.”

Sheek Louch Tells Young Thug: “Stop Relying on These Other Guys”

Sheek also gave Young Thug some tips. “I would get rid of all these m **** around you,” He suggested before adding “Take what they’ll give you. Don’t be relying on other people you’ll find that they’re not interested in you. Is that not right?”

Sheek has admitted that he doesn’t understand the YSL rappers in enough detail to talk about the details of their case, but he also said that Young Thug may have been taken by surprise by the plea bargains.

“From what I’m seeing, it’s crazy,” Sheek Louch said. “I know he’s sitting back and being like ‘G ****, we was homies.’ Right?”

In the end, The “Money, Power & Respect,” singer claimed that the deal led to Young Thug’s claim becoming more difficult to argue.

“If everyone would have put the fup, there would have been in this much trouble. It’s true that they have a lot of knowledge and they’re sure of it. We’re aware of that, aren’t we? Yet, there’s no place for *** talking man. This is just making things more difficult. It’s the reason you’re separated from your lawyers, they take care of all of that. ***. It’s crazy. I’m not even familiar with Thug such a way however, God bless you bro. It’s all *** all for you.”

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