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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Snoop Dogg & Master P Celebrate Making Black History With Cereal Brand

Snoop Dogg as well as Master P have been taking their breakfast partnership to new heights and revealed in the last week their collaboration has been awarded the rights to distribute it across the country.

The Doggfather as well as the No Limit boss have been making progress on their cereal for several months, revealing three new varieties of Snoop Cereal back in December However, at the time of Martin Luther King Day (January 16) posted a video in celebration of the landmark national agreement with workers from the Minneapolis-based company that makes cereal Post Cereals.

“HAPPY MLK day! @snoopdogg and me are the first cereal owned by a blacks company to have a nationwide distribution agreement. Thank you to Post Cereals for believing in the power of diversity. SnoopCereal.com BroadusFoods.com“The more that we create our products, the more we can give.”

The video Master P gives thanks for the hardworking staff at Post and explains why the entire process would not be possible without them.

“I did a record deal, I sold 100 million records and now I’m in the cereal game,” Master P said holding a gold spoon. “This will be the next game…Here’s the essence of diversity. But I want to assure you that you’re the only business that has stepped up and recognized the future and recognized it very early.

“I believe we all talk about diversity and the importance of African-American-owned products that are on the shelves is vital, because we’ve spent more than billion dollars to create it. And this is what I and Snoop discuss. The process of creating diversity.”

Although Snoop as well as Master P have plenty of reasons to be happy, Snoop Cereal almost didn’t take place. The duo were required to change the name of the cereal company, which was initially named Snoop Loopz, after claims that the industry of cereal tried to stop their initial success.

In an Instagram post to the Snoop’s account”Lay Low,” the “Lay Low” collaborators explained they were searching for an alternative brand name after an unnamed competitor tried to block their products from the shelves of grocery stores.

“So they don’t want us to use Snoop Loopz on our cereal box even though that’s that’s my name,” Snoop wrote in the caption. “We’ve established a national brand and disrupted the industry of cereal We did it with dedication and honesty. I’m sure they’re nervous and nervous.”

Snoop said in his video “We performed this to help the homeless. We did this for our family and we did it in order to ensure that the people got food. P has been around touching the kids to make sure that they have plenty of food. He also made sure that the houses and those who are dealing with homeless people and helping them get back to their feet, have the ability to access this food, and we are doing our part.”

In addition, Snoop Dogg and Master P have also teamed up in the Future Healers Program last year to help Malakai Roberts, who is 10 years old, create a book called The Adventures of Malakai. The book, expected to be available in 2023, will focus on overcoming obstacles and hopes to encourage children to be similar things.

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