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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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The best album of 2022 So Far

What a revival year for hip-hop so far. When hip-hop artists’ album turn comes out in 2022. Composer poet Kendrick Lamar is back with one of his most vulnerable works of art after a four-year hiatus. Pusha T, another returning veteran, has followed up on the fan-favorite 2018 album Daytona, with another near-perfect compilation of simple, uncomplicated rap songs. about his favorite subject. While underground favorites took significant moves outside of their particular boundaries, several newcomers made their mark. Hip-hop is still developing in fascinating new ways, and if this is what the year has in store, it may reach even greater heights.

Lupe’s highly anticipated album Drill Music In Zion, which was released in June, did not dissapoint. Deuce, a rising star in HipHop Duke, broke out with a fantastic new album, and French Montana startled some fans with a strong project made by Harry Fraud.

Snoop Dogg – Back On The Death Row

When it was revealed that famous West Coast rapper bought the equally legendary Death Row Records, it was a full-circle event. Snoop released BODR (Back On Death Row) as a celebration of the accomplishment, adding to his already extensive discography. The fact that the album is accessible on major DSPs will please fans even though it will also be issued as an exclusive NFT.

Face — Big Krit

Face’s opening track, “My Thoughts 3 / Pop’s Prayer,” included a Timbaland and OneRepublic “Apologize” sample, making it obvious that Babyface Ray had something special in store. In addition to veteran G Herbo and younger artists 42 Dugg and Icewear Vezzo, Wiz Khalifa and Pusha T even make cameo appearances on the 20-song record. On “6 Mile Show,” Vezzo and Ray smoothly trade bars while the song’s downtempo beat change doesn’t compromise the intensity of the rapping. Babyface Ray’s standout solo effort on a solid 2022 release is “Me, Wife & Kids.” – Ar.S.

Denzel Curry — Melt My Eyez See Your Future

With Melt My Eyez See Your Future, Denzel Curry set out to be himself and give his all to the audience. The South Florida rapper’s most personal release to date features a lot of gentle and soothing tones that go along with his more deliberate rhymes. This combination of factors—along with the participation of artists like T-Pain, 6LACK, Slowthai, and Robert Glasper—may have resulted in Curry’s strongest project to date. You’re pretty much compelled to hit “Repeat 1” and let the music take you inside the multifaceted mind of the artist when listening to “Walkin,” “Angelz,” and “X-Wing.” Thus, the album’s name is appropriate. – Ar.S

Duke Deuce – CrunkStar

The second coming of crunk is embodied by Duke Deuce, whose Memphis-based rise since 2019 has included Southern rap clichés like thumping hi-hats and the pitter-patter flow of his 901 forebears. By channeling the likes of Gangsta Boo, Project Pat, and Lord Infamous to stand out in a crowded, trap-focused city scene, he has been carrying the burden of the lost craft. His most recent endeavor, Crunkstar, is an attempt to show that he is more than a one-trick pony. The sole indication of what to expect is in the title, which combines the two musical genres he has chosen to focus on. Deuce broadens his sound to embrace crunk’s love of genre-bending mayhem. He does this by fusing the principles of his background with the fundamentals of rock music.  Fusing the pounding percussion with a bevy of electric guitars that harkens back to the days of the Shop Boyz, he succeeds in finding new realms to twist his raps, all while still displaying the boisterous and hilarious personality rap fans find endearing.

Montega – French Montana & Harry Fraud

They Must Have Amnesia, French Montana’s most recent album, was a hit-seeking, guest star-filled trudge that was ultimately forgettable. But Montega is, in many respects, the opposite album and a deserving monument to the long-simmering relationship between Harry Fraud and Montana, who are both from New York. Their sample-based wave music is revisited and updated on this focused compilation of album cuts, and their new-school NY classicism still sounds contemporary ten years later. Montega seems to be a purposeful loss leader, similar to how fashion companies deliberately lose money during their runway presentations, which they utilize to present their most radical concepts and the ones they want to be recognized for. Montega is not about the here and now; rather, it is about a movement, the legacy of a sound, and a mental state that Fraud and Montana can produce whenever they want, one in which being open to one’s feelings and making room for what truly matters take priority. A music free of advertisements for riding life’s biggest wave.

Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

In a recent interview, Pusha T said, “I wasn’t going anywhere,” with a hint of fear in his voice. He continued by explaining how he used imagination to improve his pen game. After 20 years, Push’s writing has only become more acute. The wit behind bars has increased, and the storytelling has gotten more meticulous. Push almost possesses a perfect command of the English language in the way it manipulates various terminologies and definitions related to cocaine. It’s Almost Dry is a good rap album that offers a few hard-hitting tracks, some great production, and bar-for-bar greatness by one of the best rappers in the game, albeit lacking the biting of earlier albums.

EST Gee & 42 – Dugg Last One Life 

42 CMG stars On their collaborative endeavor Last Ones Left, Dugg and EST Gee make the most of their close-knit relationship, creating organic chemistry and avoiding the traps of cheap collaborative albums. It’s evident that Dugg and EST Gee had no intention of inventing the wheel. They set the bar for what other one-off duos should strive for with their distinct skills, which center on Dugg’s shrill asides and EST Gee’s snarling threats.

Future — I Never Liked You

I Never Liked You, Future’s tenth studio album, contains all the qualities you love about him. In the music video for his No. 1 smash single “Wait For You,” which features Drake and Tems, he accepts his role as the “Toxic King” and holds down his throne as such. Few’s collection of melodic raps include live rhymes that illustrate the ebb and flow of Future’s romantic relationships while also containing bittersweet moments. The next track, “Massaging Me,” which is immediately followed by the way-too-short R&B ballad about letting go of someone who seems to be losing interest in him (perhaps they took too long to text back? ), “Love You Better,” seems as if the rapper just recalled that he is FUTURE. “We turn to Miami to Sky-ami” he belts out within the first seconds, coupled with a chorus that sounds like he’s saying “misogyny” not “massaging me.” Future’s I Never Liked You gives exactly what you came for. – Cherise Johnson

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