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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Virgil Abloh Called Fat Joe Two Days Before His Death To Do Terror Squad Off-White Collab

The Virgil Obloh’s Off-White brand was in talks to work with self-described “sneaker king” Fat Joe in 2021, according to the Bronx rapper.

Joey Crack said the Louis Vuitton designer contacted him two days before his death in 2021. He asked him to put together a Terror Squad-Off-White Nike Air Force 1 collaboration.

“Virgil contacted me two days before he passed away,” he said to Complex. “And he was interested in doing an Off-White Air x TS Force 1. Virgil was interested in designing the concept. As you mentioned, Me, Bobbito, [DJ Clark Kent] was the first to be chosen — and you could even add Mayor to the list. He was keen to be Mayor however the day he died, he passed away just two days later.”

Virgil Abloh passed away on November 28, 2021 in Chicago in the midst of an intimate fight with cardiac angiosarcoma A rare form of cancer.

Fat Joe defended his claims in the Complex comments section as he reacted to those who doubted his claims and called for a halt to the situation.

“Y’all wish it was [cap] you never heard me say a lie in my life and I’m 2022 I am still sneaker king anybody wants the smoke put your money up anyyyybodyyyy,” the author wrote.

Joe was in full storytelling mood over the past few days. Joe as well as Mike Tyson recalled a time when the legendary boxer was looking for Remy Ma at his home for the night. Tyson tried to persuade Remy by offering her a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

“He leads me on an insider tour of the house. I’m not telling you the truth, in every single room I went into there was a girl within every space. Every the fucki

Tyson added: “I said, ‘Joe please quit Remy Ma. She was upstairs, and I blocked her. She said saying, ‘No, no!.'” Joe continued: “He wanted to keep Remy Ma. He offered her a deal. And He showed her the convertible Benz new junk. He said, “You are able to keep this only thing you have to do is stay one day.'”

“She looked at me like, ‘Joe, if you don’t get me the fuck out this house,'” Joe remembered. “I was like, ‘Mike. We cannot do this. It’s my sister … The man gave her a fucking 500 Benz I thought”Oh my God. Hey, you’re welcome. It was a fantastic moment, Mike [laughs].”

Fat Joe also opened up about the one time he took a cigarette and revealed that he was so high that he ended up walking down the street completely naked.



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