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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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What Is The Fashion Difference Between The Gen Z Princesses In The Royal Family?

No longer are images of formal dress in royal ceremonies or events. Instead, the everyday fashion styles of gen z princesses will make you feel excited. So what is the fashion style of these gen z princesses? Follow the article below of Musicdope90s that will take you to find out the fashion taste of these royal princesses.

Camille Gottlieb

Like a perfect copy of Grace Kelly – Camille Gottlieb (born 1998) is the youngest daughter of Princess Stéphanie. Camille is one of the gen z princesses with a liberal style, and a mix of personality and sexier features. An illegitimate child, Camille is not mentioned in the royal line of Monaco. However, she is considered to be the grandchild with many outstanding features similar to the famous grandmother Grace Kelly.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover

Princess Alexandra (born 1999) is the only child of Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Despite her illustrious background, Alexandra still prefers a casual and unobtrusive style. At gala dinners, she is often seen with feminine and delicate outfits accompanied by a flowing hairstyle, exuding elegance and luxury. It is also noticed that Princess Gen Z Alexandra not only has a fashion style suitable for many different classes but also creates features that match the current trend of Gen Z.
With her gentleness and a bit of breaking, she has created a princess that is both friendly and luxurious in all events and in real life.

Greek Princess Maria-Olympia

Greek princess Maria-Olympia (born 1996) is one of the first generations of gen z, the trendy style of the daughter of the crown prince Pavlos has proven that she deserves to be on the list of young connoisseurs. tune. Olympia was exposed to fashion from a very early age. At the age of 11, she attended the couture show for the first time with her parents in Rome. As she grew up, the princess began to pursue an artistic career seriously. She used to intern at Dior’s haute couture department when she was 17 years old.
In 2017, Maria-Olympia catwalk for the first time for Dolce & Gabbana and is active in this field. In addition, she is also the face of the cover photo chosen by many famous magazines. Following Olympia’s Instagram, people are often surprised by a different princess than what people usually imagine about the royal child. She often posts pictures of collaborations with luxury brands and parties with friends.

Princess Leonor of Spain

Considered a new generation muse representing the beauty of the Spanish royal family – the princess of Asturias – Leonor always becomes the focus when appearing in public. In the future, Leonor will be the successor to King Felipe VI and become the country’s first Spanish queen in more than 200 years. Not only following her father’s throne, but the princess born in 2005 also inherited the elegant and gentle dress of her mother, Queen Letizia. Along with her sister Sofia, Leonor likes bohemian, feminine dresses.

Above are the fashion styles of gen z princesses. And which princess style suits you best, let us know in the comments.



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