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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Zach Wilson’s Four Successors As The Jets’ Quarterback In 2023

The situation has become a bit heated with Zach Wilson and the New York Jets. After another shambolic game against The New England Patriots and post-game remarks which enraged the team and coaches, Wilson has officially been suspended for the team’s upcoming game in the game against The Chicago Bears.

Wilson is now going to be replaced by Mike White or Joe Flacco The other two quarterbacks currently on the roster. it appears to be there is no way back. The former no. 2 overall selection might be more skilled than others, but a quarterback cannot be a leader when he’s not in to the locker rooms.

The Jets aren’t able to offer any alternatives at the moment because the deadline for trades is gone. They’ll be trying to get into the playoffs, in order to give the White/Flacco team an opportunity to manage their game on their way to win. However, the overall situation isn’t fixed. Robert Saleh has built a solid defense as well as an offense that is full of good linemen and weapons. This team is very near to making the playoffs should they be able to resolve the QB issue.

Let’s look ahead to 2023 and look at the best options that could be available to the Jets at quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo

There was some speculation about whether the Jets could not make a trade with Garoppolo in the offseason that ended, as Wilson was a huge concern at that time, as Jimmy G appeared to be in the process of being released by the Niners. Wilson remains an issue however Garoppolo has been given the start back when Trey Lance got hurt and Garoppolo has been performing pretty good. If he continues to do so, he’ll be in free agency in the coming year and be the best quarterback available. Saleh is well-known from his time playing in San Francisco. He’s competent enough to win many football games, with a solid support structure surrounding him. The Jets at the moment would be extremely successful when they had Garoppolo in place of Wilson. Jimmy G seems destined for the shining light of NYC unless something crazy happens between this moment and March.

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Mike White

I am proud to be a part of the Mike White hive. This is not because I think White is as good, but simply because it’s fun to support the backup. No more backups in league history has put up more than 400 yards and half a dozen TDs in the battle against the eventual champions of the conference in 2021. White is the no. 2 man for the last few weeks and is expected to get the first chance to start in the starting job with Wilson taking the lead. If he’s able to stay clear of turnovers and get the easy passes Wilson was unable or unwilling to attempt, he’ll be able to get an advantage over any replacement that might be in the future because it’s always more efficient and less expensive to choose the option of in-house.

Tom Brady

Initially , this was to be a joke. But then… it becomes a thought. begin contemplating the possibility of. The Jets defense has soared into the top of the list this season and is expected to get better with all the key pieces who are on the younger end of 30 going into the next season. Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall are fantastic offensive building blocks and, when they’re healthy, the offensive line of New York is solid at best. Brady however will become an unrestricted free agent in the coming season and the roar is increasing that he might be thinking about leaving the Bucs for an opportunity to improve his situation rather than taking a break. There are family members living in New York City. It’s a large market. He’d be able to battle with Bill Belichick at least twice per year. This is not at all unlikely, but it’s not as likely as you believe.

Derek Carr

The benefit of the Raiders awful, no-good campaign is that the team may finish with an adequate draft pick to get the QB. Derek Carr is not the most expensive player on the roster , but the possibility of him moving is there. It is logical to take one of the top prospects from the draft of this year and then move away from his huge contract instead of paying more than $150 million for the team that can’t even be in the playoffs. Carr is protected by a no-trade provision however, in this case being traded to the Jets is an upgrade that could lead to the playoffs and possibly even championship contention. In the event that Raiders have a replacement quarterback on the way, the possibility of a Carr trade would make sense and the Jets could be a perfect destination.

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